About Pipeline Professional Services

Having spent decades working in the unforgiving profession that is sales, as well as running companies, our Founders have learned the hard way just how important it is for businesses to have a solid sales function. Everyone knows this, however from our work it has become clear that sales is an area that is a challenge for many businesses.

The biggest issue is talent and the inherent cost and risk that come with employing staff. Companies are struggling to find enough of the right people to support growth and deliver on commercial objectives. It’s a problem we see every day.

We created Pipeline to help solve the obstacles faced by so many companies. We have built a team of exceptional sales professionals who work for us full time and all of whom have completed the Pipeline Sales Academy. We operate with the highest possible standards, with hard work, a commitment to excellence and dedication being the three central pillars of our company culture.

Who is it for?

B2B companies looking to grow without having to invest too much time, money and risk.

We want to help our clients grow and overachieve by providing them with top class sales execs to support their commercial activity. For us, the job is not done until the target we have been given is hit.

We believe that too many great companies never reach their potential because they are held back by a shortage of sales talent and our mission is to change this. We provide a no-fuss, flexible solution which means that any company can benefit from having great sales people represent them in the marketplace, without taking on any of the risk or hassle associated with hiring in-house staff.

We look forward to working with you and delivering a massive uplift in your sales output.