Our ‘Sales-as-a-Service’ offers businesses a scalable solution to improve their sales efforts. Our experienced sales professionals help you achieve your sales goals efficiently and effectively.

Would your business benefit
from a dedicated and skilled
sales ninja?

Sales-as-a-Services is quite simply when one of our sales reps is plugged seamlessly into your business and conducts direct selling as though they worked in-house.

We amplify results by leveraging
our own expertise and a suite of tools engineered to maximise results.

Case Study: Lifesaver Power

Lifesaver Power is the UK’s leading power-as-a-service provider, offering sustainable mobile phone charging packs through its proprietary vending machines. Having recently raised substantial investment, the Lifesaver CEO needed support in expanding the portfolio of locations for the Lifesaver vending machines. During an initial 3-month engagement, Pipeline was tasked with targeting hospitals, airports and train stations. Following a highly successful project, Lifesaver chose to begin a long-term partnership with Pipeline, increasing the number of execs and launching a campaign to scale the business into mainland Europe.

Ready to take it to the next level?

We look forward to working with you and delivering a massive uplift in your sales output.