Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you, Pipeline Professional Services
We are delighted to announce the arrival of Pipeline Professional Services, a company which has been long in the making and which is engineered to provide a solution to the dire lack of sales talent currently available to businesses.

Our Founders are entrepreneurs and sales leaders, with backgrounds in Property Development, Conferences & Exhibitions, Media and Sports Management, who were finding it increasingly difficult to attract and hire great sales professionals. EVen when a candidate could be found, the inherent HR risk and challenges that come with employing staff, often made the experience unrewarding to say the least.

Every business leader we spoke to was encountering a similar challenge and so we conceived, developed and launched Pipeline, your remote sales team.

We have two locations; London and Cape Town. From our London HQ we work with clients to understand their needs, their products and the markets they work in. From our Cape Town office, we provide our core service offering: a highly-trained, professional and hard-working remote sales team, providing Sales-as-a-Service and Sales Development services to clients.

Sales-as-a-Service is our term for a virtual sales team. Clients can book our execs to work as part of their sales team for a fixed-term. Sales Development is a service in which we find prospects for our clients to close.

Every member of our Cape Town team is permanently employed by us and has been through the Pipeline Sales Academy; a 2-month, selective training programme, designed by our Founders over many years of hiring and developing sales professionals.

We are extremely proud of the excellence and commitment exhibited by our team, and their quality and performance is backed up by the achievements we have delivered with our current clients.

We believe that passionate, well-trained and empowered professionals make the best sales execs, and that is exactly the environment we create for our team to work in. We treat every client engagement as if it were our own business and we do not stop until the job is done.

Our mission is to create a solution which allows clients to benefit from top class sales personnel without any of the hassle and frustrations that come with the typical recruitment and employment process. We do all of the heavy lifting, so clients can simply enjoy the benefit of having experienced, hard-working personnel in their sales department, without having to actually employ them.

We offer our services on a fixed-term or project basis, with a minimum booking of 3-months. For the duration of the engagement, your exec will seamlessly form part of your team, plugging into your systems. They will report to you regarding their progress and output, but we will be managing their activity in the background to ensure that we are overdelivering against the agreed target for the engagement.

As mentioned above, in parallel to our direct sales offering, we provide a Sales Development solution, which is most relevant for companies with complex products or services. This is basically an appointment setting service, in which we obtain a high-level understanding of your product and then conduct outreach to relevant prospects. Your in-house team will attend those meetings to convert the prospect into a client. This service is an excellent means for freeing up your team’s time to focus on closing deals and developing client relationships.

As sales leaders ourselves, we have built the solution that we would want, and as such we are confident that Pipeline Professional Services will provide everything you need in terms of your sales staffing requirements.