What Could Sales-as-a-Service Do for Your Business?
Pipeline Professional Services is a company which offers Sales-as-a-Service solutions to clients. What is Sales-as-a-Service and why should you care?

To understand how Sales-as-a-Service is beneficial, it is useful to first understand what exactly it is: Sales-as-a-Service is a talent solution for companies, which takes all of the hassle out of hiring and employing in-house sales execs.

Here’s how it works:

  • You are a business leader and you need a salesforce which is reliable, consistent and effective.
  • You are struggling to find great people to join your team and generate revenue in line with your objectives.
  • You may have experienced a number of challenges when it comes to employing and managing full-time staff.
  • We have interviewed, trained and hired a team of top class sales professionals in our office in Cape Town. Everyone who works at Pipeline Professional Services has been through our Sales Academy and shadowed an experienced team member for at least 3 months, to ensure a standardised high level of performance – this means that all of our team deliver excellent output.
  • You can lease the services of one or more of our team members on a fixed term of project basis, for a set monthly fee. No interview process, no recruitment fees and no training required.
  • You will benefit from trained hard-working staff, who seamlessly form part of your team for the duration of the project, without any of the risks and challenges associated with full-time hires; we simply plug into your systems and start selling.
  • During the engagement, although we will be remote, we effectively form part of your full time team; we will join team/company meetings and report on progress.
  • Your exec will report to you, however our management team will also be making sure that things are moving in the right direction in the backend.
  • We guarantee 100% uptime during your engagement, so if the person working on your project gets sick, we will slot in another member of our team to cover until your usual exec recovers.
  • At the end of the project, you can either choose to extend or expand the engagement or if your objectives have been hit, you can let the contract expire. When the project comes to an end we will do a thorough handover, log out of all systems etc, return any IP and disappear like ghosts.

Sales-as-a-Service is a unique offering which allows companies to access committed and skilful sales talent, without any of the pitfalls associated with the typical process of hiring individuals.

Our talent selection and training methods ensure that the base-level of performance for all of our staff is a high level. The benefit of this for clients is that they avoid the difficulty that some salespeople are less consistent than others. Many companies we work with have a few rockstars (20% of their headcount) who deliver around 80% of their revenue, with the remaining 20% of revenue coming from lower performance team members who are the majority of the team. When hiring for a sales role, it is very hard for employers to know if the individual is going to be a top performer or otherwise – we remove this risk because we only put team members who have completed our selective training process onto client engagements, thus guaranteeing quality.

Working with us allows companies to focus their commercial activities while managing their workforce. For example, if you have certain points in the year when you need to boost client acquisition, leveraging Sales-as-a-Service will mean you can get the business you need, without having to hire anyone or take a punt on freelancers.

Equally, for businesses which work in clear cycles, such as event organisers, it is beneficial to bring in commercial firepower at certain points within the cycle. Sales-as-a-Service allows companies to do this, without the pressures and costs of full time hiring.

You might be looking at an aggressive 6-month campaign focussed on new business and again, Sales-as-a-Service would be an excellent fit for this. We work with a range of scaling businesses, which need additional bandwidth in their sales department for a set period in order to expand, but they won’t necessarily need the headcount once a certain number of customers have been secured.

Perhaps you need someone to fill in for a member of your commercial team who is on parental leave; Sales-as-a-Service would allow you to sustain your sales output without the risk of hiring someone for parental leave cover.

As opposed to any specific needs as listed above, you may just be struggling to find any decent sales talent and this could be holding your business back. Once again, Sales-as-a-Service is the perfect solution, providing access to sales firepower, without any of the standard challenges, obstacles, costs and risks that come with hiring full time.